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We live photography...

… we think photography, we speak photography, we dream photography, we feel photography, we know photography, we understand photography as art, we take photography seriously, we don’t see photography as a commodity, we teach photography, we discuss photography and we use photography as a chance to change the world.

We take responsibility

For us humans, the image is the fastest possible readable means of communication and has immeasurable value for today’s society.

In order to be able to fulfil the responsibility for our images and for important issues, it is crucial for us to be able to work independently of outside interests.

Photojournalism and documentary photography are crucial for educating the public and raising awareness of socially important issues. They serve as visual documentation of the present and allow us to gain insights into current events, other ways of life and cultures, to better understand and engage with the world.

laif - the photo agency

Since July 2022, the laif cooperative with over 300 members has been the owner of the laif photo agency. Laif stands for independent photojournalism and, with over 400 of the best documentary photographers, is the largest German agency for high-quality photography with representatives in more than 25 countries around the world.

For over 40 years, laif photographers have been documenting the world in pictures: personally, empathetically, unfiltered and unmistakably. Together with the international network of the laif agency, they thus make an important journalistic and photographic contribution to describing the world and depicting our present.


Our goals

In addition to journalistic independence, we are committed to alternative and fair financing models and the further development of journalistic services oriented towards the common good.

In a first step, we had bought the agency laif out of a private sector group in 2022. In a second step, we are now planning to develop and found a non-profit platform that advocates for the production and communication of independent photojournalism and high-quality photography.

The further goals of the „laif cooperative“ will then also include the teaching of media competence for the field of photography at schools, universities and for society in general – because for us, democracy is inconceivable without good (photo)journalism.

Why is it worthwhile to become a member?

Through your contribution, you invest in the future of documentary photography and the preservation of diversity of opinion. This is important to ensure that different perspectives and viewpoints are represented in the media and that access to quality content is maintained. Photography is an essential factor in this.

By joining the cooperative, you can have a positive impact in these areas and at the same time enjoy being part of the laif community, which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at photography, the opportunity to take part in exclusive exhibition tours and to purchase discounted fine art prints, for example.

We believe that a well-informed society, diversity of opinions and perspectives is crucial for the common good: a cornerstone of democracy.

Devoted to life

© Helena Schätzle/laif