The laif cooperative

Our photographs are worth it

The photographers of the laif agency are known for their exceptional photography and, together with their supporters, have founded a cooperative that has been the owner of the laif photo agency since July 2022. In this way, we can continue to guarantee independent photojournalism and retain control over the use and remuneration of our images.

The laif photo agency stands for independent photojournalism and, with over 400 of the best documentary photographers, is the largest German agency for high-quality photography with representatives in more than 25 countries around the world.

For over 40 years, laif photographers have been documenting the world in photographs: personally, empathetically, unfiltered and unmistakably. Together with the international network of the laif agency, they make an important journalistic and photographic contribution to describing the world and depicting our present.

To keep it that way, we have launched the laif cooperative project, which has been the owner of the laif photo agency since July 2022. This step is intended to ensure that the laif photo agency remains independent and that we as photographers have better control over the use of our images. We believe that we can only fulfil our responsibility for our images if we have control over them, independent of outside interests. We are concerned about the increasing concentration of the press, accompanied by click-driven journalism that only uses images at the cheapest possible conditions.

Not only we photographers ourselves, but all friends of photography can become members of the new laif cooperative and thereby support independent photojournalism and independent photography.

We think our photographs are worth it – become a member of the laif cooperative.

... in the moment we are

Members of the laif cooperative !