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The laif cooperative

„The laif cooperative of photographers sees itself as an institution for the preservation and promotion of independent photojournalism, high-quality photography and press diversity – a cornerstone of democracy – by safeguarding, promoting and further developing the agency and brand „laif“.“

 – Preamble of the laif cooperative – 

Gründung der laif Genossenschaft

Foundation of the laif-cooperative in April 2022 via Zoom conference by laif-photographers.

About the „laif cooperative“:

The „laif cooperative“ was founded in April 2022 by 22 laif photographers and in June 2022 the cooperative bought the „laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen GmbH“ from „ddp media GmbH“.
The more than 300 members of the cooperative are mainly photographers from the „laif“ agency, picture editors, supporters of independent journalism and high-quality photography as well as supporters of freedom of the press.

About the „laif“ agency:

The laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen GmbH was founded in 1981 by four photographers in Cologne and today represents more than 400 renowned photographers worldwide, including numerous World Press Photo and Pulitzer Prize winners.
With the sale of licences for high-quality photo productions and the arrangement of editorial and corporate shootings, especially in an international context, laif is one of the leading photo agencies for photojournalism in Germany.
laif also represents more than 40 international partner agencies in German-speaking countries and is a syndication partner of the Société du Figaro and the New York Times.


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