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The laif cooperative

Whoever supports our initiative as a member finds an independent press and photography of high quality more important than returns. Because an investment in the laif cooperative is always an investment in press and opinion diversity.
As we find: an important pillar for our democracy.

Become part of the laif cooperative!

A registered cooperative (eG) has many advantages. Here are the most important ones:

  • The eG is a democratic form of company. Each member has one vote – regardless of the amount of capital held. This protects against the dominance of individuals and ensures independence from external interests.
  • The eG thus offers protection against speculation.
    Members of the laif cooperative are only liable with their capital share.
    The eG is a flexible and thus stable legal form. Members can easily join and leave the cooperative without notarial involvement or company valuations.
  • The eG is by far the most insolvency-proof legal form in Germany due to internal control by its members and independent auditing by the cooperative association.
  • Members of the laif cooperative have a claim to repayment of their business assets when they leave.

Anyone and everyone can become a member – including legal entities.

Those who want to join pay a one-time contribution of at least € 1,000 (ten shares of € 100 each). This contribution can be increased in steps of € 100 – as far as the personal situation allows.

And this is how it works: You enter your data in the form, send us the signed membership application, preferably digitally – as a scan or digitally signed pdf. You will receive a confirmation of your membership from us and then transfer your subscribed share to the account of the laif cooperative.

The members‘ contributions are there to advance the development of the laif agency and to secure its independence and existence in the long term. The general meeting of members votes on important projects. The management of laif GmbH is also controlled by the cooperative’s board of directors.

Yes, you can terminate your entire participation or individual units with two years‘ notice to the end of a financial year. The approved annual financial statement shall be decisive for the settlement credit to be paid out. Losses carried forward shall be taken into account in proportion to the shares held.

The general assembly of all cooperative members can decide year after year on the use of the annual surplus – for example, for a return on the deposits of the cooperative members.

As a member, you promote the interests of the cooperative. You do this through your contribution and by participating in the decisions and processes according to your personal inclinations – for example at the annual general meeting. You have no further obligations – there is also no obligation to make additional contributions beyond the amount you have paid in.

The laif cooperative is growing. This dynamism is perhaps the agency’s most important asset.
Because the tasks and challenges of the agency also grow from year to year – faster than ever in the age of digitalisation. So it is good to be able to spread the responsibility over many shoulders. Moreover, the wisdom of the many is naturally also an advantage in the cooperative.

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