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Declaration of accession / Declaration of participation

(nach §§ 15, 15 a und 15 b GenG)

I hereby declare my accession to the laif cooperative.
I have received the current version of the statutes of the cooperative https://laif-genossenschaft.de/principles/  and I acknowledge the obligations arising therefrom.
I undertake to make the payments due on the shares in accordance with the law and the statutes of the cooperative. The statutes of the cooperative provide for a notice period of two years for the termination of membership.

Please fill in all fields. After submitting, you can open the pdf form below by downloading it – in parallel, you will receive the form in pdf format to your specified email.

Please send us the signed and completed form printed out by postal mail (required by german law) to our address:

laif Genossenschaft e.G.
Kurfürstenstrasse 10
50678 Cologne / Köln

What data do we need from you according to cooperative law?

1. name and address
2. your email
3. date of birth
4. number of subscribed cooperative shares
5. total amount of subscribed cooperative shares
6. your bank details for future crediting of dividends

Declaration of accession / Declaration of participation

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    Date of birth




    Number of shares (100 Euro each) – minimum participation 10 units

    Total amount in Euro – minimum investment: 1000 Euro


    Bank (your bank details for future crediting of dividends)

    Account holder




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